Will's Jams, starring Canadian kid’s entertainer Will Stroet, is a campy and educational series of music videos for preschoolers. With a creative blend of live action and animation, Will sings about sports, wholesome food, animals, the environment and imagination, inspiring kids to be healthy, active, creative and engaged in their world.  Will's Jams will have kids and their parents dancing, laughing and singing aloud from start to finish.

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The Trikers

Sporting stylish helmets and temporary tattoos, Will and his Backyard Band bewilder their neighbours as they cruise the sidewalks of their "hood" on trikes.


Will and the backyard band spend a crazy day working on a ranch.

Ella's Umbrella

A tribute to the 1950's musical, "Singing in the Rain," Will and a little girl named Ella sing and dance their way through the song with fun, comical choreography in the rainy streets.

Chuggado Choo

A high speed rail adventure in miniature, the story follows Will and his Backyard Band as they speed through each room of his house on toy trains.

Eat a Plum, Yum Yum

A sequel to "Full of Beans," Will returns as a paper doll cut-out dancing across tabletops, in berry patches and amongst tropical foliage as he sings about his favourite fruits.

Colour It

Will sings from a drawing as it gets coloured in.

Just Imagine

In this “Schoolhouse Rock” style animation, Will and some kids use their imagination to achieve great things.

Make Friends With an Earthworm

Will serenades dancing earthworms, honeybees and a spider while singing about how the bugs play an important role in our world.

Dive in the Pool

Will is a lifeguard watching the kids as they dive into a fantasy pool filled with coral, plants and unbelievable underwater creatures.

Walk 'n' Roll

Learn about pedestrian safety in this stop-motion animation of Will singing while he walks through dozens of different settings in the city.


As Will is reading his daughter a bedtime story, we're transported into the book with beautifully illustrated scenes of a world saying goodnight.

My Backyard

It's hectic for the school kids working as backstage crew during this musical stage production. The kids do their best as Will and the Backyard Band sing their way through the four seasons and, eventually, things get a little out of control.

Rockin’ in the Rockies

While hiking through a picturesque Rocky Mountain postcard, Will sings and jams with a wild snowshoe hare drummer, a moose bassist, a porcupine guitarist and a singing bear with Elvis hair.

Let’s Shake

Will dances and sings as he's transported along the path of a bizarre Rube Goldberg style machine, encountering all sorts of elements along the way that cause him to shake a lot!

Boost Me Up

While journeying across the country in the backseat of his parents' mini van, Will entertains himself by singing about booster seat safety and watching landscapes pass by his window.

Pete the Funky Monkey

It's a full-on dance off in the jungle between Will and a funky monkey named Pete. Despite Will's best efforts, dance moves, and cool hair, the monkey manages to mop the floor with him.

Oh My, My Hippopotami

Simple, traditional, line drawn animation tells the story of Will's human-like hippo friends, Harold, Hazel and Henry, who we discover are just like any one of us.

Crocodile Chomp

It's late in the day inside a moodily lit cabin deep in the Bayou. Will jams with his band of kids who are playing hard and serious, and really feeling the music.

Full of Beans

Learn about counting and vegetables in this clever stop-motion animated video that’ll have any kid craving carrots and broccoli at mealtime.

Bike Safety Boogie

Learn about bike safety and the rules of the road in one punchy chorus. From strapping on your helmet to learning hand signals, you’ll be humming this song on your next ride.

I'm Gonna Walk

Join Will in a paper-cut animated world as he walks and sings in the desert, in the ocean, at the Olympic Games, and on a farm.


Kick start your morning by jamming with Will as he steps back to the 1960s to bring colour and life back into a family’s boring breakfast.

I Feel So Blue

Be transported to Will’s wacky and colourful world with a pink flying pig, blue whale, and green turtle while learning about colours and emotions.

Kick It

Ogy ogy ogy! Oi Oi Oi! The call-and-response chorus will have kids pumped to play soccer or cheer on siblings and friends on the sidelines.

Henry the Meowing Dog

This quirky video about a dog with a major identity crisis is laugh-out-loud funny.

Hygiene & Eugene

Two super clean siblings with impeccable hygiene will get kids loving the “dreaded” morning and bedtime routines.

Hockey's Just Really Cool

This action-packed video emphasizes sportsmanship and being a team player and will inspire kids to get outside and play.